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    Short Description:

    TRIBE is a culturally intelligent shared office/co-working space and urban innovation lab that is centered around connecting underserved entrepreneurs.


  •  A Space Called Tribe is a collaborative shared office/co-working space in the heart of historic Overtown that also houses an urban innovation lab for underserved high growth minority entrepreneurs.

    A Space Called Tribe is operated by Code Fever Miami, INC a Miami based 501 (c) 3 Non-Profit.

    Code Fever Miami focuses on dramatically shifting the way Black and minority communities engage with, contribute to, and are valued by the innovation sector. We focus on building assets and talent-filled spaces within the black community while bridging the innovation gap within the black community and the greater entrepreneurial ecosystem. We render this idea into reality by gathering resources such as training, networks, and funding in order to build these assets and spaces, so that innovation can thrive within the black community. 

    Code Fever Miami seeks to utilize Tribe to impact youth and adults within low opportunity, high potential communities in Overtown and the surrounding Miami area. Youth programming carries a focus on increasing the number of students pursuing STEM fields, and then equipping them with the fundamental skills required to successfully operate in the STEM industry. Adult programming aims to increase general access to, and understanding of, technology and entrepreneurial opportunities. Our adult programs support a growing community of like-minded professionals, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists that share experiential knowledge in their areas of expertise. Long term success of these programs is two fold: an increased wealth of qualified minorities to fill positions within the technological ecosystem, and an increase in the number of minority ­founded, venture­ backed, high ­growth businesses in the United States.