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    • CRISPR, Storing Data in Your DNA + Coronavirus (Part 2)
      In Part 2 of this podcast Angela and Reginald continue to discuss the intersection of health and technology by expanding on CRISPR technology and its use to limit generational impact of genetic diseases, your DNA being used as data storage, and the Coronavirus epidemic.Reggie is the Founder of Rubix Life Sciences whose mission is to eradicate rare diseases through regenerative biotech devices.
      Angela Benton Angela Benton 4 months ago

    • Tech Intersect #11: Anne T. Griffin-Inclusion in a Web 3.0 World
      In this episode, I welcome Anne T. Griffin, a human and product manager, in that order (as she says), who studied engineering at the University of Michigan. She is passionate about the human aspects of technology and building machine learning and AI products rooted in the realities of the human experience.
      Dean Tonya M. Evans Dean Tonya M. Evans 4 months ago

    • #2020 is in full effect!
      2020 is in full effect! We're about a month into the new year and I feel like so much has happened already. Checking in to see how things are going and what is and isn't working, and to remind you to remember lessons learned in #2019 that we can take into this year and beyond.
      Crowdie Advisors LLC Crowdie Advisors LLC 5 months ago

    • Artificial Intelligence Replacing Jobs in Radio + Technology Mass Surveillance
      Angela discusses artificial intelligence replacing jobs w/ iHeartMedia's layoffs, mass surveillance using technology, and more with Shawn Gunn. Shawn started his career on Wall Street and has created over $1 billion in value for investors as an executive, entrepreneur and investor with brands like Microsoft, NAVTEQ, Hearst, IHS and Nokia.
      Angela Benton Angela Benton 4 months ago

    • Confidence takes practice, w/ Dr Maureen Murat, Esq. by Samson Williams
      On this episode of This Call Is Being Recorded, we have a quick chat with Dr. Maureen Murat, Esq, aka @CrowdieAdvisors on the idea that "Confidence takes practice." Are you confident? Do you want to become more confident in life and business?
      Samson Williams Samson Williams 6 months ago

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