List your startup

Create a page listing for your startup in our database, highlighting your company information as well as your products and services.

  • Your page is searchable in our database, enhance the search by adding topics and hashtags to your page
  • Your page will be reviewed and curated into collections to be discovered by other users
  • Your page will have a chance to be featured on the UZO homescreen

Showcase your pitch

UZO provides an area to upload your pitches to get feedback from a community of entrepreneurs, and investors

  • Upload your pitch video, that will be showcased in a daily updated feed
  • Upload your public facing pitch-deck or marketing sheet 

Showcase your product

UZO surfaces new products created by new majority entrepreneurs.  Showcase your new mobile app, website, hardware project, and tech creations.

  • Upload your demo video and screenshots
  • Recieve reviews and feedback
  • Engage in conversation with the community about your product