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    Recent studies have shown that black woman are the leaders of opening businesses. Black women are graduating from college at alarming rates. From the looks of it black women are our here killing it, right? Well when it comes to handling business, we get it done. What about in the relationship department? Studies tell us that in the dating pool, black women are the least desirable- compared to their counterparts. We have brains, beauty and business, but no boo. Well how does that happen?

    I had the pleasure of talking to Atlanta's newest matchmaker, Yolanda Kelly about love; or rather, Love EnVogue.

    Having worked as a nurse for 19 years, Ms. Kelly has decided to switch things up and pursue another career. "I am a professional matchmaker and date consultant. My new passion is to help clients to reach their long-term relationship goals through self-discovery and dating. I believe black women can not only have the love they are seeking, but the love that is seeking them. I am here to give them the right tools and coach them through the process."

    The Michael Baisden radio show recently covered the topic of being a single black female. While there are many reasons for being single, location seemed to come up often as an obstacle for love. Ms. Kelly states that Atlanta is a great market for dating services regarding the black love experience. She also finds that traditional matchmakers don't cater to her clientele. "Atlanta is viewed as a tough dating scene because the ratio of eligible men to women is unbalanced. Clients express there is not a mindset of commitment. This is what women want, but they struggle to achieve it."

    From listening to the radio and eaves dropping on a few conversations, this idea is not central to just Atlanta. When it comes to love, either you want it or you don't. Well that's not necessarily true now is it? "People don't know what they want in a relationship and if they do, they are struggling to achieve it because of their choices and actions. For instance, their focus is on superficial qualities, instead of values and common interests. Women are making too many compromises or they have given up on being in a relationship. Shared interests and values are what create lasting connections."

    But what happens when you are geographically challenged?

    You hop online to the many online dating websites and hope you find true love! From Tinder to Match, there's an endless supply of romance at the swipe of a finger. I couldn't help but wonder if online dating made matchmaking obsolete. According to Kelly, "Online dating is an essential tool for matchmakers. Love EnVogue offers online matchmaking as a service. This is a way for our busy clients to have their online persona managed by our matchmakers. We create their online profile, manage the traffic and set up the dates for our clients."

    So instead of relying on your own judgment that hasn't been stellar lately, you have a professional in your corner. As mentioned earlier, traditional matchmakers aren't catering to the same audience Ms. Kelly assists. "Our ideal client is professional, African American females ages 30-55 who have limited time for dating, but have a strong desire to be in a marital or committed relationship. This person is sitting on the couch every Friday night watching a movie alone or attending special events without someone on her arm. She has a desire to meet quality men, but feels hopeless about having a loving relationship."

    Today, with songs about sliding into someone's DM's to reality TV shows with inaccurate depictions of love, how can one decipher what is real and what isn't? "Technology and media have impacted societal views about love and dating. It's possible to connect online, but building a solid relationship requires effort and time. The media romanticizes relationships, but it does not do such a great job showing singles the true joys and pains of commitment."

    Online dating hasn't been working for you. Neither has basing your expectations on reality TV or social media, so what's next?

    Yolanda Kelly started her matchmaking business, Love EnVogue for people who want to "Experience Connection." Love EnVogue helps its clients get the love they deserve. And just how does she do it? "The mission of Love EnVogue is to empower singles, especially women to date and find fulfilling, committed relationships. Thus, hoping to see two parent households become the new normal for the African American community. We want to see black love thrive again and help individuals have solid relationship foundations and build strong family units. We want to see confident women who truly feel that they have it all." Sounds simple, right?

    You may think seeking a matchmaker is a little extreme. But luckily Yolanda Kelly offers sound and free advice on finding "the one."

    "Determine what you want in a relationship, learn to be a good communicator, focus on self-improvement and be open to online dating if you haven't already started." Even if you're still on the fence, Love EnVogue will be hosting a singles mixer for clients on June 10, 2017. Potential clients can attend and grow their network while connecting with potential matches

    If you're interested in finding love, or just networking around Atlanta visit You can even stay posted through social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram.

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